Loan Closet

The Enrichment Center’s Loan Closet serves people of all ages with physical or developmental disabilities who are in need of an item for any of the following reasons:

  • A person would like to try out an item before purchasing the equipment.
  • A person who has a short-term need for the equipment such as a knee or hip replacement.
  • A person who needs an item not covered by Medicare or Medical Assistance or private insurance and cannot afford to purchase the needed equipment at this time.

We have walkers (with or without wheels), canes (regular and 4-Prong), wheelchairs, shower chairs, bath transfer benches, raised toilet seats, commodes, crutches and extension grabbers. Call the Enrichment Center for availability. If the item is available for rent, stop in and fill out the rental agreement and then take the equipment home with you. Please note all equipment must be returned in the condition it was rented in. The equipment is available for rent on a monthly basis for a fee of $10.00 a month for as long as you need. For more information or to rent equipment, please call 1-715-682-2776.